With the HBT BELSAFE®, HBT brings the first ever mobile safe to the market, offering real premium value protection with smart additional features. It not only safely protects your valuables, but will even supply the mobile devices entrusted to it with power. And this means it is guaranteed to score with many holidaymakers: after all, 85 percent of all travellers take their mobile phone, tablet or e-book reader with them to the beach, the pool or the spa facilities.

Of course, with the HBT BELSAFE even your wallet or purse need not be kept unsafely in the beach bag when you visit a relaxing oasis. In the smart safe it is just as secure as the charge status of any rechargeable battery. The BELSAFE therefore clearly represents an innovative module of the worry-free package for a more relaxing holiday. 


Purchasing Process

The first 500 HBT BELSAFEs are prefinanced via crowdfunding.
Grab the chance and reserve your BELSAFE on the Austrian crowdfunding platform 1000x1000. If you order your safe today you will be one of the first customers and will receive additional benefits. Reserve >>