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Building on decades of experience developing, producing and selling precision systems of the very highest quality, the idea arose of creating something completely new. Alternative power sources – and here photovoltaics in particular – were to play an important role. Ultimately there was a declared desire to allow attractive and yet timeless design to have a strong influence on the layout of the products.

So it was that CUBOX was born. Committed staff and well-qualified component manufacturers  guarantee the very best performance and functionality, along with simplicity of use coupled with unparalleled appearance.

Regardless of whether you want to use CUBOX in the privacy of your garden, on your own beach or commercially in a hotel, at an event or in your city – what you get is something unique which, in reality, combines three systems in one product.

  1. Featuring exceptional design, it’s a revolutionary kiosk that can be used as a bar, snack bar, info-point, pop-up store or many other things.
  2. En environmentally-friendly solar power station, which stores the energy collected, thereby offering you the greatest possible independence. Moreover, during operation no noises or emissions are created.
  3. It’s a mobile unit that’s easy to transport, deploy and operate. It can be set up practically anywhere there’s sunshine and enough space.


Other innovative systems available from HBT ( are:

HBT CHARMAX, the elegant and flexible e-bike charging station

HBT BELSAFE, the beach safe that really protects your valuables