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Cubox Pop-Up Store

Whether it’s for product presentations, roadshows or normal sales counters, CUBOX offers a great many possibilities for individual design. Simple to operate, highly mobile and with numerous fitting-out options, colours and branding; all open up completely new perspectives.


Swiftly from one location to the next, no tedious setting up or disassembly and total independence from mains power give you a previously unknown level of flexibility. Have your CUBOX laid out exactly the way it best fits with your marketing objectives. That way you connect with more people, with a guarantee of leaving behind an outstanding, lasting impression.

Pop-Up Store

Flexible layout concepts for the most efficient product presentation

Champagner Bar

CUBOX Pop-up Store

Create an attractive oasis of wellbeing

Promotion Stand

CUBOX Pop-up Store

Elegance, mobility and environmentally friendly solar energy make your promotion initiative fit for the future.


Those days of laborious erection of trade stands are over.


Comprehensive branding options and flexible design underline your branding message.

HBT brings together capability in the design of modular and mobile spatial solutions with corresponding expertise in the latest technology for generating and storing green solar electricity. The CUBOX platform substantially increases the efficiency of the customer acquisition process.

CUBOX is an autonomous, mobile sales unit. Thanks to its special construction, which is both extremely strong yet also readily transportable, it’s ready for immediate deployment practically anywhere. Be it indoors at a trade fair or outdoors at a big, open-air event, a CUBOX kiosk always cuts a dash. No laborious set-up or removal like with conventional kiosks, no need for special staff training. CUBOX is ready in a jiffy, delivers renewable energy and provides for your guests.

Whether for prolonged location trials or for swapping between events, modern, mobile sales units have to offer room for manoeuvre in terms of the choice of business model. At the same time, today’s highly mobile individuals have a desire to spend more time in places that combine being attractive and environmentally friendly, whilst picking up information quickly and conveniently.

With CUBOX, the mobile energy pavilion, you can just as easily organise extended new product presentation roadshows covering thousands of kilometres as you can have stands at trade fairs. Indeed, inside the hall or outside, for optimum visibility. CUBOX replaces the need to buy and laboriously erect a trade stand. With its unique design and comprehensive branding options, all eyes are on it.

You have the option either to operate CUBOX completely autonomously on solar power, free of emissions and noise, or to connect it to the local mains for applications indoors. All these features give you maximum flexibility and independence when planning your tasks.

The challenge for the operator lies in confecting sales units that are flexible, appealing, autonomous and mobile, to yield a harmonious, attention-grabbing whole - whilst also making an active contribution to environmental protection. HBT offers all the necessary components, technology and processes to achieve this.