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CUBOX - The Revolution of the Kiosk

Whether as a cool bar, mobile sales booth or a functional information point: CUBOX sets a clear example in modern design and  climate protection.

CUBOX shows great design performance

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CUBOX offers the perfect symbiosis of an revolutionary kiosk,
an ecofriendly solar power station and a mobile unit.

CUBOX shows great design performance

Bernd Dettenweitz

Dubai and Dortmund: CUBOX shows great design performance

New locations for CUBOX: Upper Styrian HBT Energietechnik’s Solarpavillon shows top performance on the beach of Dubai’s Fairmont luxury hotel as well as at the premises of the traditional German soccer club BVB Dortmund.

Unlock it, open it up and get started! As of late, this is the motto in Dubai as well as Dortmund. For both the Fairmont luxury hotel in the Arabian Emirate and the traditional soccer club BVB Dortmund rely on HBT Energietechnik’s Solarpavillon. While it is used as a beach bar in Dubai, it houses the Dortmund-based club’s analysis center, where practice data is evaluated daily. 


Fairmont hotel in Dubai. Dubai’s beaches have always been all about luxury, the Emirate expects top performance and even in the nation’s largest city, sustainability including power production using sources of renewable energy is the order of the day. The fact that CUBOXes are installed on the renowned luxury hotel’s private beach as well as on the private club Zero Gravity’s shows that the Upper Styrian firm’s innovation reflects the zeitgeist and meets all requirements, both in terms of appearance and performance. On the one hand, the futuristic pavilion scores points with its classy design and on the other, the CUBOX’s technical solutions guarantee trouble-free bar operation including hot water treatment around the clock. Solar panels are installed in the side walls which can be opened like flaps as well as in the roof and produce 3.5 KWp. Subtly hidden away in the interior, its battery provides seven KWh of power, enough for up to ten hours of operation. Another state-of-the-art feature: The battery can be fully charged in less than three hours. “Both bars are so successful that the responsible parties have already expressed their interest in purchasing an even larger CUBOX,” HBT’s Managing Director Heinz Bartelmuss tells us. The pavilions are sold on location through TSSC, HBT’s local partner.

Traditional soccer club BVB Dortmund. The players of BVB Dortmund’s A squad simply can’t ignore the CUBOX installed at the club’s training center in Dortmund’s Brackel district since late July. For HBT’s Solarpavillon houses the club’s analysis center, where all data collected during the practice sessions – for instance in the course of video recordings – is evaluated. With its size of eleven square meters, the CUBOX_2C not only offers more than enough room for terminals and screens but also for a meeting table as well as seating arrangements. Thus, results can be analyzed directly on site together with the players. The pavilion itself was hauled to Dortmund by means of a crane truck and erected at the premises in less than one hour. One of the main reasons BVB Dortmund opted for the CUBOX was the box’s avant-garde design whose development was inspired by yacht building. The pavilion is powered by a grid connection and its equipment can be extended at any time. Thus, the motto “unlock it, open it up and start hitting the ball” now applies to every practice session.

The company: HBT Energietechnik GmbH is located in the Upper Styrian city of Judenburg, was founded by Heinz Bartelmuss in 2011 and has a staff of eight. The firm specializes in the development of tailored solar power solutions and smart energy systems. Apart from the CUBOX, HBT sells other energy self-sufficient products such as its BELSAFE and SOLSET, a mini solar power system that can, among others, be used to power small air conditioning units.