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CUBOX - The Revolution of the Kiosk

Whether as a cool bar, mobile sales booth or a functional information point: CUBOX sets a clear example in modern design and  climate protection.

Next CUBOX appearance at the Helmut-List-Hall

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CUBOX offers the perfect symbiosis of an revolutionary kiosk,
an ecofriendly solar power station and a mobile unit.

Next CUBOX appearance at the Helmut-List-Hall

Bernd Dettenweitz

The anual Blue Tomato Lagerabverkauf at Helmut-List-Hall starts today and the CUBOX is used as a coffee bar to sell coffee, cakes and Brownies.




The team of the Coffeeshop Barista's have entered the CUBOX and the party already started.





Despite the rain the request is very large. The large flaps of the CUBOX not only provide shade but also protect against rain. 

Although it is strongly cloudy the solar system generates enough energy.