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CUBOX - The Revolution of the Kiosk

Whether as a cool bar, mobile sales booth or a functional information point: CUBOX sets a clear example in modern design and  climate protection.

Cannes, Monaco, Barcelona: And now Murau in Austria

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CUBOX offers the perfect symbiosis of an revolutionary kiosk,
an ecofriendly solar power station and a mobile unit.

Cannes, Monaco, Barcelona: And now Murau in Austria

Bernd Dettenweitz

Opening Party at the main square 

Opening Party at the main square 

CUBOX was handed over to the city of Murau

The CUBOX was purchased as a replacement for the existing kiosk. An important point for the acquisition by the local government was the revival of the main square. The mayor looked for something that is at the same time ecologically and economically sustainable. In the CUBOX he and his team found the best solution.

The CUBOX is used by a local landlord as a café and ice cream parlor. The necessary energy is produced by the CUBOX itself. Because solar panels are installed on the roof and on each of its folding sides. These generate 5.3 kW of power which is stored in high-capacity batteries, thereby ensuring energy autonomy for all connected devices.