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CUBOX - The Revolution of the Kiosk

Whether as a cool bar, mobile sales booth or a functional information point: CUBOX sets a clear example in modern design and  climate protection.

HBT Commercial Systems on tour

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CUBOX offers the perfect symbiosis of an revolutionary kiosk,
an ecofriendly solar power station and a mobile unit.

HBT Commercial Systems on tour

Bernd Dettenweitz

The CUBOX is traveling again in the autumn season. So we present it at the largest German exhibition for food trucks and food trailers as well as in Italy on the SIAGUEST in Rimini. In both events, our HBT Commerical systems are in the focus.

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OUR APPROACH: Building on many years of experience, HBT offers a comprehensive range of professional sales units for mobile catering and promotion - from fully designed pop-up stores for maximizing customer frequency to champagne bars which supply themselves with electricity, through to promotion stands for providing mobile advice. HBT’s globally unique approach is to combine expertise in the construction of modular and mobile space solutions with expertise in the latest techniques for the generation and storage of green solar power. A large number HBT commercial systems are based on the COBOX platform and, as a result, significantly increase the efficiency of the customer acquisition process. Supported by the shared use of numerous hardware technologies as well as an attractive design, HBT commercial systems offer mobile customized solutions which contribute significantly to increasing your brand recognition as well as reducing service and operating costs. They therefore represent an ideal and extensive portfolio for an efficient and impressive brand and guest experience. A versatile technology platform including the essential aspect of sustainable environmental protection.